New Product Research Program

New Product Research Program

New Product Consumer Use Research!!

Joining Friends & Family Research Program gives you:

  • VIP first access (use) of the newest state-of-the-art in natural anti-aging cosmetic and supplement products.
  • An opportunity to help AZ refine its existing products, based on your review and input, and to influence the future course and direction of product development.
  • Participants in the AZ consumer product use research receive products FREE to use during the testing period.
  • For AZ products which you tested and find that you like, and wish to continue to use, AZ provides its friends & family (who participate and follow the research protocols) products at below wholesale pricing! (This special pricing casts from the date of you successfully complete the study, until six months.)
  • Any friends or family subscriber who also participates in AZ consumers products use research study will be able to apply as a credit, the price of their subtraction towards the purchase of their first “AZ friends & family” product from the AZ friends & family product store.

Basic qualification of individual who would like to be a participant:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must Not be pregnant or lactating
  • Must Not use Botox or any skin fillers
  • Must Have a Smart Phone with front facing camera using the AZ Research App.
  • Must agree to follow study protocol guidelines for at least the next 30 days
  • Must not have any skin condition for which you must take medication
  • Must be in the United States
  • Must agree to stop use of any other similar products for at least 48 hours before starting your use of the AZ product.

Ageless Zen reserve the right to make changes to these programs without notice, and to publish the outcomes of the research.


  •  The Product will be sent to you within the next 10 days.
  •  Please stop now using any other similar products (this is a washout period between products)
  •  Please do not have any facial treatments or injections performed between now and the time you finish the study period.
  •  Please plan to use a smartphone or digital camera to track your progress.

As a Participant, you should simply do the following:

  1. Choose your product, then Click on the product you have/will agree to study,
  2. Then read the short Terms & Condition section, click ACCEPT
  3. Then read the short Study protocol section, and click the boxes next to each question set, click ` SUBMIT/ACCEPT
  4. Then insert your product’s study code, click CONTINUE
  5. Enter your credit card information, and click CONTINUE

Follow the guidelines below to upload your images

  1. Take a picture on the day before starting your Ageless Zen Product
  2. Take the same picture on (same light-camera same distance from your face) on day 7
  3. Take the same picture on (same light-camera same distance from your face) on day 14
  4. Take the same picture on (same light-camera same distance from your face) on day 28
  5. If you continue beyond 30 days, please continue taking pictures on the following:
    • Day 42
    • Day 56
    • Day 70
    • Day 84
    • Day 98

Please upload images weekly to the website link:
Thank you for your participation.


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